Open Call 2017

I Like Europe and Europe likes me.

Ideas of progress: a focus on emerging visual art scene in Poland

The title of the event I like Europe and Europe likes me is a reference to Joseph Beuys’s famous performance I like America, America likes me. In 1974, the artist locked himself up with a wild coyote inside an art gallery during three days. The work address the cohabitation of humans and nature as well as the fracture which existed between the United States and Eastern Europe.

The two blocks have dissolved, revealing new geographical and ideological borders, especially in Europe. The tensions inherent to this new configuration contrast with general progress of the XXIth century.

Scientific discoveries, technological inventions, political transformations as well as social evolutions are characteristic of what we consider as modernity, but these mutations sometimes appear to feed the tensions of our time.

Is any progress an improvement ? How does it influence our daily life, our behavior and our human interactions ? Does it awaken any sort of political consciousness ? Does it optimize our living conditions, or do we undergo its negative effects? How do these questions resonate in Poland ?

The exhibition and the forum

The project consists of a group exhibition presenting works of ten Polish artists. The show will be led by a series of events : talks, round tables, readings, screenings, performances and concerts.
In order to deepen the topic and familiarize the audience with Polish contemporary art scene, historians, sociologists, artists and many more, from Poland and France, will be invited to take part in the forum. The event will be held in April 2018, at Fondation Hippocrène, in Paris.

Conditions of participation

We invite emerging artists to apply in order to participate in the exhibition. All medias and disciplines are accepted. The proposed work should meet the exhibition theme requirement.

Please attach to your application :

  • a portfolio
  • an artist statement
  • a proposal of maximum 3 artworks for the exhibition with a text explaining your choice. Please attach files and other media (photos, videos, texts, sound recordings…)

Application to be sent at : (or via mail at : B-East – 35 rue Etienne Marcel – 93500 Pantin – France).

Deadline: Sunday, December 3rd 2017

The selection committee is composed of B-East’s team and of art professionals. The selection will take place by the beginning of January 2017.
The results will be announced on the website and by e-mail by the end of January 2017. The selected artists will be asked to sign a bi-party agreement.

The exhibition will take place at Fondation Hippocrène, in Paris. All costs of travel, accommodation and transport of works will be provided by B-East, subject to availability of fundings.

Please contact us for further information.

Download PDF version:

English version: Open_Call_2017
Polish version: Aplikacja_2017
French version: Appel_candidature_2017